Brooklyn: Will Bay Ridge Ever Forgive John Travolta?

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satnightfever.jpgBay Ridge will always be the place where John Travolta and his friends danced in the movie Saturday Night Fever. I grew up hearing those songs but when polyester was stylin was before my time. It’s time for an update!

Bay Ridge is adorable. It’s snuggled between the Shore Parkway and the Gowanus Expressway. The parkway promenade has sunset views over water of the Verrazano Bridge where the New York Marathon starts. It feels like a small town and yet you can catch an express buses or the R train to be whisked to Brooklyn Heights or the city in no time.

There’s tons more happening here than one movie. Like, the locals are all in arms over the mystery who dumped a huge pile of plastic spoons in Owls Head Park. The Meter Maids are harassing them. And they mourn the razing of the Bay Ridge Funeral home. Read all about it in Right In Bay Ridge blog (registration required).

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